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Find an automotive flooring solution that will drive the distance

  • Anti-slip surfaces
  • Hard-wearing
  • Abrasive-resistant finishes
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy-clean surface
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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Floor Refurbishment

New or old floors - Reepol provide cost effective flooring solutions designed to perform to the highest standards

  • Detailed inspection and analysis of substrate
  • Concrete repair
  • Dust proofing &s priming systems
  • Technically advanced flooring systems
  • Free of charge survey and recommendations
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Epoxy Hardwearing Systems

Do you need a hard-wearing flooring solution? Install one of our epoxy Reeflor systems.

  • Anti-slip surfaces
  • Hard-wearing
  • Abrasive-resistant finishes
  • Wide choice of colours
  • Easy-clean surface
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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Anti-Static Flooring Solutions

Disperse your static electricity with our anti-static coatings and self-levelling systems.

  • Solvent free
  • Self-smoothing
  • Hardwearing
  • Wide choice of colours
  • Easy-clean surface
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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Epoxy Flooring

Reepol's ability to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of product specification

  • Anti-slip surfaces
  • Hard-wearing
  • Abrasive-resistant finishes
  • Wide choice of colours
  • Easy-clean surface
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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Reepol Blog

How to Paint a Garage Floor

There are two ways to paint a garage floor – do it yourself or hire experts. Regardless of which method chosen, the procedure is the same. The first step is to assess the existing substrate. If it’s an old floor, check for needed repairs. Reepare Mortar a good choice for repairing worn and damaged concrete. Once the substrate is repaired, it does not mean that the floor is ready to be painted.

There are a couple more steps involved. For one thing, it must be cleaned. How to clean the substrate before applying any coating is included in the instructions that come with any Reepol product. Generally speaking, the substrate should be clean, free from laitance, oil, grease or other agents that may impair adhesion. It can be cleaned with acid etching, grinding, light mechanical scrabbling, blasting or degreasing. Any loose material needs to be cleaned away. The surface needs to be dust free and have no lumps and bumps from dried on debris.

The next step is to use a primer and sealer such as Reeprime EWD300, which is a water dispersible epoxy primer and sealer. If you are starting with new concrete, the concrete should be at least 28 days old with a moisture content of less than six percent.

EWD300 provides a bond to the concrete for the epoxy paint. For very dense concrete, EWD300 can be thinned with water so that the primer can be absorbed into the concrete. As soon as it is touch dry, apply a second coat.

The next step is applying the paint. Epoxy paint is known for its durability. Reepol have several garage floor solutions when it comes to choosing the paint. One choice is Reecote ECO14, which is a solvent-based epoxy coating. Among its top qualities are that it is easily cleaned and it is fast curing. In an industrial garage, it is highly chemical resistant and also comes in an anti-static version.

Being solvent based, it does emit fumes, which can be flammable. For a water-dispersed epoxy paint, Reecote EC015 is a good choice. It is solvent free, has a matt finish, and is ideal for garages.

Another solvent free coating ideal for garages is Reecote EC017. Hard wearing, it combines quartz aggregate, solvent free epoxy resin, and hardeners into a low odour, easy to clean, chemical resistant surface. Reecote EC019 Plus is also an excellent garage flooring solution. Water based, it can be applied to green concrete and damp surfaces. Both of these paints resist chemicals and abrasions.

You may choose any colour you want for your garage floor, If an anti-slip flooring is needed, it is possible to add the anti-slip factor in any gradient from non slip to heavy duty anti slip.

As mentioned, it is possible to make this a DIY job but as you can see, there is a bit of technical expertise needed, at least in choosing the products and the application of the products. Contact Reepol 01952 588575 or click here for technologically advanced expertise. Reepol are willing to offer a free, no obligation, site survey and provide advice. We also have a nationwide network of highly trained flooring contractors to provide the installation service.

Water Based Epoxy Floor Paint

Reepol manufacture and stock water-based and solvent-based epoxy floor paints. Epoxy coatings are durable, seamless, and flexible. Solvent-based paint has many special qualities such as its ability to withstand humidity and its handling of petroleum contaminates. A frequent question is ‘why choose water-based epoxy resin floor paint?’ The fact is that solvent-based epoxy paint does have fumes that can be harmful for indoor use. The fumes can also be flammable. The factors can make water-based epoxy paint a better choice for indoor use.

Epoxy coatings come in a two-pack with specific mixing instructions and are typically applied by brush or roller over primer and sealer. They cure quickly and can be colour matched to any colours in the Pantone, RAL or BS4800 range.

Water-based epoxy paint is just as durable as solvent-based epoxy paint and just as glossy. Because there are no solvents, fumes and flammability are not a concern. Reepol’s Reecote line of floor coatings have good chemical resistance, good abrasion resistance, and very good film thickness. They are fast curing, with good curing performance at low temperatures.

Reecote EC015 is a water dispersible epoxy coating with a matt finish and Reecote EC017 is a solvent free coating with a gloss finish. Reecote EC019 Plus is water dispersible with a silk gloss finish. Reecote EC220 is a fast curing water dispersible epoxy coating.

Each of these Reecote coating have their own special qualities. Reecote EC220 is an excellent protective coating and can be applied to most walls, ceilings and floors with light traffic use. It is recommended for use in areas such as dairies, abattoirs, food preparation areas, swimming pools, hospitals, cool rooms, toilets, factories and pub cellars. When cured, it is non-toxic so suitable for use in contact with drinking water and foodstuffs. It is not flammable and odour free.

Reecote EC015 has the same attributes as EC220. Reecote EC017 is more hardwearing and is suitable in kitchens, food areas and dairies as well as light/heavy industrial areas, such as garage service bays and factory gangways. A variation, Reecote EC017 W/F, is suitable for line marking.

Reecote EC019 Plus is a third generation water based epoxy coating. It can be applied to green concrete and damp surfaces. Because it is microporous, it allows the passage of trapped water vapour and yet it still acts as a barrier against liquids. As such, it is suitable for light to heavy industrial areas such as storage areas, food processing areas, aircraft hangers, water treatment plants, garages, laundry rooms, and supermarket storage areas.

In choosing coatings & sealers, the first step is to check the floor painting requirements for the environment. Garage floors have different requirements and a different level of traffic than do areas such as an airplane hangar or a dairy. There is a difference between the needs for floor coating for heavy equipment and for foot traffic.

Durability is intrinsic in any epoxy floor coating. If your area needs to be slip resistant or if it is an area where chemicals are used, the necessary additive can be used to ensure the floor surface exceeds your needs. The amount of aggregate used determines the anti slip factor.

A Reepol technician can advise you on the most suitable paints & coatings, the type of floor repair and floor preparation that is required, and the best solution for your industrial needs. If you need a contractor to install the flooring, we have a nationwide network of installation experts.

Contact Reepol 01952 588575 or click here.

Concrete Floor Sealer

Reepol has a variety of products that can apply a clear concrete seal coat onto a surface. Epoxy and polyurethane sealers add high build protection and are suitable for use on concrete floors. Sealants can provide a clear high gloss, easy maintenance, finish over concrete that captures any decorative aspects or that enhances the appearance of plain concrete.

Reepol have a wide range of priming products that are suitable for the application of epoxy, polyurethane and MMA systems and which can enhance the bond or act as a barrier to problematic substrates. Sealants are clear and any colour is provided in a floor paint applied over the sealant or from the concrete surfaces beneath the sealant.

Reeprime EWD300 is a water dispersed, two part epoxy bonding and sealing system. Because it is solvent free, it is safe to use in areas containing foodstuffs. It provides excellent adhesion with high mortar strength. It cures easily at low temperatures and in addition to having good penetration, it is an excellent sealer.

Ideal for use with Reepol’s range of Reepol CBP products, EWD300 provides the necessary adhesion to concrete. It adheres to dry or damp substrates and has the dual service factor of being a good general sealer for concrete, plaster, asbestos, wood, sand and cement rendering as well as a primer. If Reeprime EWD300 is being applied to existing concrete, repair any damaged areas with a Reepare Mortar first.

Reeprime CPS900 is a solvent based epoxy sealer primarily used as a conductive layer under anti static coatings, self smoothing systems, and wall coatings. Our antistatic products are ideal for environments that may experience a build-up of static electricity and should be applied in conjunction with Reeprime CPS conductive primer.

As well as having a very high chemical resistance, this anti static flooring system disperses static electricity and is dust free. Like all epoxy flooring, it is seamless and hard wearing. When Reeprime CPS900 is cured, safety warning signs should be placed in the area as it is highly electrically conductive. These signs warning of the conductivity should remain in place until the finished surface is approved for use.

Another sealer is Reeprime ES300. It is an epoxy solvent sealer that offers a clear sealing coat for concrete, epoxy screeds and wood floors or as a dust proofing chemical resistant coating. The substrate needs to be clean and Reeprime ES300 is applied by roller or brush. It is important to ensure total coverage without over-applying the product or allowing it to puddle. If a second coat is applied, it is essential that the first coat is tack free. Otherwise, the second coat could cause solvent entrapment.

Reeglaze EC018 LV is a solvent free heavy duty epoxy sealer that is very hard wearing and a good choice for kitchens, food areas, and dairies where a hygienic sealer is required. It is sufficiently hard wearing for a garage floor, service bays and factory gangways. It is applied by roller or brush and a second coat may be applied within 24 hours of the first. If the concrete surface is very porous concrete, a third coat may be required.

Reeseal TG700 is another choice of sealer. It’s a thixotropic floor seal ideal for grouting quartz screeds systems. Being thixotropic, Reeseal TG700 is a high viscosity liquid that penetrates well as the thick product thins and flows to cover the flooring thoroughly.

For more information about the best sealer for your environment, contact a Reepol specialist on 01952 588575 or click here. We provide free, no obligation, site surveys.

Industrial Floor Paint

Industrial floor paint can meet a variety of requirements whether they are safety or management-preferred requirements such as the colour and design of a floor surface. It is one thing to know that an anti slip floor is essential. It is another thing to determine how much anti slip factor is necessary. This can range from slip resistant to a highly abrasive surface.

Before you buy floor paint, consider what results you want. Whether it is garage floor paint or a painted factory floor surface, whether it is to be applied over a new concrete floor or a refurbished surface, a Reepol expert can advise you on the ideal flooring system.

Any of our epoxy resin floor paint can be customised to meet your needs. It can be a water dispersable floor paint such as Reecote EC015 or a solvent based epoxy resin floor paint such as Reecote EC014. Reepol’s industrial floor paints & coatings can be made chemical resistant and heat resistant. They can also have gradations of slip resistance qualities as well as decorative finishes. As for line marking paints, Reecote EC017 W/F is recommended. It is a solvent free epoxy wall coating.

One primary factor for many industrial and commercial businesses is downtime. Any floor application does take time with the cleaning, curing, and drying time. The nature of epoxy resin is that it is a chemical reaction that begins to set in less than an hour in most cases. Touch dry after around 12 hrs, the typical Reepol paint will be ready for a second coat in less than 24 hours.

All products come with data sheets that provide details on the necessary tools & primers and where it is suitable for use. For example, Reecote EC015 comes in a two-pack epoxy floor paint package. Component A weighs 4.8 Kg and Component B weighs 1.0 Kg providing a coverage area of approx 168g/m2. Of course, the exact coverage varies from floor to floor.

Reecote EC014 comes in a similar package. The pack has a different weight in the components because the components are different as they yield a different floor coating – dust free, chemical and abrasion resistant – than EC015. Reecote EC014 is a blend of epoxy resins, curing agents, mineral fillers and solvent. Reecote EC015 is solvent free and can be thinned with water. It’s not flammable, is odour free and suitable for application onto damp surfaces.
Regardless of the painted factory floor surface, Reepol have the solution. Reepol’s R & D department constantly strives to come up with innovative floor paint solutions such as Reetop P1200 which is ideal for heavy industrial and commercial environments. It combines aggregates, cement, and acrylic resins.

Any flooring application should begin with a free, no obligation, site survey. A Reepol flooring specialist can provide advice on the repair and preparation of the substrate, whether a primer or sealer is needed, whether a high gloss or matt finish should be selected, how many coats need to be applied, and the best maintenance approach to take.

For more information about the best industrial floor paint for your environment, contact a Reepol specialist on 01952 588575 or click here. We provide free, no obligation, site surveys.

Resin Flooring Specialist

For more than three decades, Reepol have been a leading formulator in epoxy resin flooring systems. We have grown up in the epoxy floor coatings industry and keep up-to-date on the latest innovations in the industrial and commercial floor coating world. We have an enviable reputation for quality flooring products and solutions and are constantly involved in developing new products, which keeps us at the forefront of technological advances.

Our service is nationwide and our expertise is without parallel. As well as an extensive range of flooring products for all types of industries, we provide an extensive and knowledgeable technical support and advice service.

Among our solutions are tough chemical and abrasion resistant flooring systems, decorative floor systems, drainage and kerbing solutions, and a flooring contractor network that specialises in providing top quality resin flooring installation services. Reepol can meet any stringent and complex industrial demand, solve problems in a multitude of flooring environments, and provide an attractive product.

From flooring systems for food & beverage industries to industrial floors for the pharmaceutical and health industries, our resin flooring specialists have dealt with them all. Reepol’s epoxy floor coatings can be customised to meet any industrial flooring requirement from light to medium to heavy duty traffic areas. Resin flooring is seamless, high performance, and durable.

Typical epoxy resin floor systems have requirements such as low-slip, anti-slip or slip-resistant qualities, chemical resistance, dust free surfaces, and strength. They often need to be hygienic and they always need to be functional for the industry. You know what your industry demands.

Reepol offers a free site survey, which can determine the best flooring solutions for you. The recommendations are based on the health and safety regulations required by your industry as well as the activities that are conducted on the site. Reepol has provided and continues to provide flooring solutions for a number of top brands, including Aston Martin, 3M, Coca-Cola, Lear Corporation, British Aerospace, and Glaxo Smith Kline.

Our solutions are more than merely utilitarian. They are also attractive and as decorative as you want them to be. Reepol can match any existing design and our colour range can be matched to any colour in the Pantone, RAL, and BS4800 families. Our flooring products come in a range of finishes — high gloss, anti-glare, plain, speckled, and flecked.

Reepol’s floor covering flexibility comes from the chemical ability for additives to be absorbed during the creation of the epoxy. This allows for a variety of mechanical properties to be added to the epoxy such as resistance to high temperatures, UV and chemicals. Quartz aggregates, coloured aggregates, PVA flakes, aluminium oxide or even rubber can provide high low-slip and anti static properties as well as the ability to resist impact and staining. Such flooring solutions are always under development in the laboratory.

Contact Reepol for a free, no obligation, site survey. As well as advising on the floor coating systems that best suit your needs, a specialist will also advise on the necessary industrial floor preparation and any concrete repairs that that might be needed. Contact Reepol on 01952 588575 or click here.