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From the showroom to the workshop

Find an automotive flooring solution that will drive the distance

  • Anti-slip surfaces
  • Hard-wearing
  • Abrasive-resistant finishes
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy-clean surface
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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Floor Refurbishment

New or old floors - Reepol provide cost effective flooring solutions designed to perform to the highest standards

  • Detailed inspection and analysis of substrate
  • Concrete repair
  • Dust proofing &s priming systems
  • Technically advanced flooring systems
  • Free of charge survey and recommendations
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Epoxy Hardwearing Systems

Do you need a hard-wearing flooring solution? Install one of our epoxy Reeflor systems.

  • Anti-slip surfaces
  • Hard-wearing
  • Abrasive-resistant finishes
  • Wide choice of colours
  • Easy-clean surface
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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Anti-Static Flooring Solutions

Disperse your static electricity with our anti-static coatings and self-levelling systems.

  • Solvent free
  • Self-smoothing
  • Hardwearing
  • Wide choice of colours
  • Easy-clean surface
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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Epoxy Flooring

Reepol's ability to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of product specification

  • Anti-slip surfaces
  • Hard-wearing
  • Abrasive-resistant finishes
  • Wide choice of colours
  • Easy-clean surface
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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Reepol Blog

Resin Floor Company

Reepol are a leading national flooring company and have been providing flooring products and solutions for more than three decades. Our dedicated research and development resources are constantly developing innovative products that ensure our new flooring systems not only meet but exceed current technology and health & safety demands.

This means that Reepol are capable of supplying any flooring system. If you want a traditional poured resin high build epoxy floor, Reepol has it in any colour you want. If you want a bespoke resin flooring system, a Reepol expert is available to discuss your specific needs.

Having our research and development team always looking for – and creating – improvements ensures that we can offer any type of flooring solution that is seamless, durable, easy to use, and fast curing. As epoxy resin flooring suppliers, we are manufacturers of products that begin with these features.

Having the latest and greatest products available is one part of the story. Our flooring specialists are available for a site survey and no obligation advice on available floor properties and decorative features for your site’s flooring needs. We will work with you through all levels of planning because we want to get it right. After all, we have a stellar reputation to protect.

Another part of the story is the actual installation. Reepol does not install our flooring. We create and manufacture the floor systems. However, we have a client base of specialist flooring installation contractors. This is how Reepol has earned its reputation. We develop quality in all of our processes and products, giving meticulous attention to detail at each stage with a single goal: ensuring that our customers receive reliable products with the highest performance. Experts develop the product, experts help you choose the right product, and experts install it.

With our technology and resources, Reepol can match existing surfaces, a great cost savings over installing an entirely new flooring system from scratch. We are able to replicate any material, finish, and colour. Our flooring systems begin with the basics such as safety flooring, high build epoxy floor coating, heavy duty epoxy resin floor coating, concrete floor repair, or epoxy resin screed. If you need a chemical or thermal shock resistant floor that is also hygienic, anti-bacterial, anti-slip, solvent free, impact resistant, and cleanable by steam and hot water, we can customise the flooring to meet these requirements.

Our technically advanced research and development department can provide the materials needed for even the most particular site. Reepol’s bespoke specification development programme is geared to satisfy every requirement and situation and can manufacture specified materials in the appropriate quantities and still meet any deadline.

Reepol’s flooring products come in a wide range of colours, finishes and decorative effects that can be completely customised. Choose high gloss, anti-glare, plain, speckled, or flecked finishes from any colour in the Pantone, RAL, and BS4800 colour families.

Reepol has supplied industrial flooring to an extensive range of clients including RAF Hangars, Manchester Velodrome, London Aquarium, Aston Martin and 3M to mention a small percentage of our largest clients.

For more information and a quote, contact Reepol on 01952 588575 or click here.

Industrial Resin Flooring

Reepol have been manufacturers of industrial resin floor systems for more than 30 years. Reepol’s industrial flooring, a specialty of ours, ranges from fast cure resins to polyurethane floor screeds to epoxy resin floor coatings. Any Reepol industrial or commercial floor coating can be enhanced to suit your site’s specific need such as being anti-slip, hygienic, and shock and chemical resistant. Being seamless, resin floors are easy to clean and low maintenance. Our floor coatings meet health & safety standards.

There is more to selecting the best and most appropriate industrial resin flooring. Successful flooring installations call for proper preparation of the substrate. All laitance, oil, grease, water, or any such adhesion-impairing substance must be removed with an appropriate method such as acid etching, grinding, light mechanical scabbling, blasting or degreasing.

If the concrete floor is not new, it must be checked for soundness. It needs to cleaned and loose material must be removed. Damages should be repaired. Reepare Mortar is ideal for this. A porous substrate needs a primer coat or sealer. Our recommended flooring installers know how to repair and prepare any surface.

Reepol has epoxy resin and polyurethane industrial flooring products and advanced technology that manufactures a wide range of additives to yield industrial flooring with the exact required qualities for any industry. Whether you need resistance to damage from high traffic, chemicals spills, or static, we have the ideal resistant floor solution that will provide the type of performance needed.

Reetop P1200 is one example of a product designed for heavy industrial and commercial environments where resistance to heavy traffic is required such as breweries, factories, gangways, hospitals, dairies, abattoirs. A blend of aggregates, cement, and acrylic resins, Reetop P1200 is pre-weighed to ensure correct batching and consistent mixing on site.

Reegrip EC017 is another example. It’s an industrial non slip floor paint for use where a hard wearing, hygienic, non-slip, and high build epoxy floor coating system is required. Because of the wide variety of additives that our R & D department has created, our floor paint can be made to suit. This non slip floor paint has quartz aggregate, solvent free epoxy resin, and hardeners added. The size of the aggregate adjusts the anti slip factor. Small aggregate provides slip resistance while larger aggregate provides an anti-slip floor coating. For a non slip finish, an even larger aggregate is required.

Other modifications are made for other floor coatings. A different environment might need a flooring installation that needs a resin flooring system to handle wet or oily conditions. It might call for anti static finishes, safety flooring, luminous markings, fire escape routes, demarcation lines and gangway markings for pedestrians and forklift aisles. Perhaps bespoke markings are necessary.

Reepol offer a site survey and no obligation report on the type of poured resin floor that best meets your commercial flooring requirements. Contact a Reepol specialist to inquire about the best flooring systems for your site. From manufacturing to warehousing to the healthcare or food and drink industry, we have your flooring solution.

For more information and a quote, contact Reepol on 01952 588575 or click here.

Hard Wearing Floor Paint

Whether you are looking for a heavy duty anti slip floor paint for a concrete floor, low temperature industrial floor paint, line marking paint, or a heavy duty garage floor paint that can withstand spillage and repeated tough traffic and chemicals, Reepol has the solution. We can recommend talented flooring contractors in your area to install the flooring system or if you are into DIY & tools are your specialty, we can provide information on exactly how to apply two pack epoxy floor paints & coatings.

If you have special requirements such as a quick dry heavy duty floor paint that is water based, solvent free and can withstand spillage and repeated cleaning — or any similar combination of specialised attributes, Reepol is able to provide the epoxy floor coating that will perform perfectly. Speaking of cleaning, another bonus of resin flooring is that it is very easy to clean.

The nature of resin flooring is that it is formed by a chemical reaction between epoxy resin and a curing agent also referred to as a hardener. When epoxies are applied to a surface, a very strong polar bond between the two is created. This is why resin flooring is so strong, long lasting, and durable. Additives can be mixed in during the curing process making the coating resistant to damage inducing elements such as chemicals, UV, and high traffic.

As an example of the range of products that Reepol offers, Reecote EC017 AS is an Anti Static High Build Solvent Free Epoxy Coating. Anti Static floor properties enables use in areas where static can cause problems to staff and equipment. It is hardwearing which makes it ideal for use in heavy industrial areas, such as garage service bays and factory gangways. It’s based on a blend of epoxy resins, curing agents and mineral fillers, which when mixed together provide a low odour, solvent free, high build epoxy coating system.

REESEAL SG100, the latest development in polyurethane technology, is a cured sealer that is insoluble and un-meltable and highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals. It is also has great light and weather stability. As with all its two-pack systems, Reepol supplies it in pre-weighed units of the correct proportions. REESEAL SG100 is a clear gloss sealer. REESEAL SM100 is a matt sealer version of the same polyurethane technology. These are primarily used to coat screeds that need sealing.
Reepol’s REECOTE EC and REEFLOR EL products are designed for application to concrete flooring and come in a standard range of colours from pale grey to dark grey as well as black, white, beige, yellow, blue, red, and green.

Colour is never an issue. While these standard colours may satisfy the colour requirements for your typical warehouse or garage, the colour choices are not limited to these. Any custom colour can be created to suit your needs. Our epoxy floor paint can be colour matched to all the colours of the BS4800, Pantone, or RAL colour charts.

To enquire about the best floor paint solution for your needs, contact Reepol on 01952 588575 or click here.

Resin Floor Cost

There are several factors involved in the cost of a resin floor, or any floor for that matter. The primary cost factor is the quality of the material selected for the floor. A poor quality floor is never a good option because in the long run, such a floor will fail to perform satisfactorily. Ultimately this can turn out to be a very costly floor.

More practically speaking, the cost of a resin floor is the product of two factors — the size of the site and the products selected. The cost is calculated per square metre and takes into consideration factors such as whether the substrate is new, old, or in need of repair, the additional features the floor needs, and how thick and how durable you want your new floor to be.

One concern that often arises is how quickly can resin be applied? The application and drying process varies from coating to coating. If time is of the essence, some resin floors do cure faster than others. This is important in many industries as the costs of downtime can play a factor in the overall cost of flooring.

Regardless of the types of resin flooring systems Reepol can offer, epoxy resin flooring is seamless which means that it has the intrinsic benefit of safety and hygiene because there are no seams to create a tripping hazard or to trap bacteria. This type of flooring is effortless to clean.

The application of resin coatings is relatively easy. Every one of our floor systems comes with detailed information regarding its application. The substrate needs to be in good repair, the surface needs to be prepared. Reepol has a nationwide network of professional flooring contractors who are experienced in the application of industrial resin flooring.

Reepol’s coatings come in a wide range of applications and they are typically designed so that attributes such as anti slip and anti static properties can easily be added and adjusted to suit your needs. There are choices of finish — gloss or matte — and any colour can be added to any of the poured resin flooring systems. Choosing a colour system is easy. A huge range of colours are available from the BS4800, Pantone, or RAL colour chart and any existing industrial or commercial design can be mixed and matched to perfection.

If your site has underfloor heating, it is important to discuss this with Reepol’s experts so that the best poured resin flooring choice can be made. Resin flooring works well with floor heating.

Contact Reepol for advice and guidance on which of our resin flooring systems best meet your needs and expectations. Our experts can advice you on the flooring system that is most suitable for the application at your site. Our flooring contractors know how to install flawless flooring and are experts in working with resin and concrete. They are able to explain in detail which resin system is suitable for your industrial and commercial needs as well as how to prepare any suitable surface. The costs can be compared among the resin flooring systems suitable for your needs.

For more information and a quote, contact Reepol on 01952 588575 or click here.

2 Part Epoxy Floor Paint

Sometimes too many words describing the same thing can create confusion. Other times one word describing different things causes even more confusion. This is the case with the word ‘paint.’ Even referring to 2 part epoxy floor paint is a bit of an inaccuracy because, technically speaking, it is not paint but a coating.

When it comes to painting a floor, not all paint is what people have traditionally thought of as paint. There is paint, epoxy paint, and epoxy coating. Paint is a latex acrylic product. Epoxy paint is known as 1-part epoxy paint. Epoxy paint is acrylic paint with an epoxy additive that makes it more durable than acrylic paint and it does have good adhesion and durability but it is not a true epoxy product. Epoxy coating is known as 2-part epoxy paint. Paint dries. Epoxy cures.

The major strength of epoxy floor paint is the way it combines durability and flexibility. The chemical reaction between the two components (which are the base and the hardener) creates an inert solid plastic that is a hard wearing coating suitable for heavy foot traffic and production equipment.

The flexibility is the result of the chemical ability for additives to be absorbed in the creation of the epoxy. A wide variety of mechanical properties can be mixed into the epoxy. These properties include being resistant to high temperatures, UV and chemicals. As well, quartz aggregates, coloured aggregates, PVA flakes, aluminium oxide or even rubber can give the epoxy resin high anti slip and anti static properties and the ability to resist impact and staining.

Application of a two-part epoxy floor paint is easy. It can be applied with a brush or roller. Reepol’s instructions offer the best information on how the coating should be applied and how many coats might be needed. The preparation of epoxy coatings calls for quite specific instructions, also provided by Reepol. The chemical reaction that creates epoxy resin bonds the 2 parts together in a fixed ratio. If the mix ratio is not accurate, the chemical reaction may be incomplete with left over components that failed to react.

Reepol provide detailed instructions on the preparation of the substrate, the sealer and primer that provides the best undercoating for your floor, the application of the coating, and the type of tough finish best suited to your workspace.

Choices begin with the alternative of an oil or water based epoxy floor coating and with the help of our consultants you select the best type of finish for your floors. An epoxy garage floor paint can differ from industrial floor paint. Some industries need a heavy-duty epoxy floor paint that is a fast set. For use in high traffic areas, the faster the floor coating is ready to go back into service, the less down time there is for the business. Others need a gloss floor finish that is solvent free.

Reepol’s research and development department constantly works on innovation and improvements in its epoxy coatings. Reepol’s flooring products come in a wide range of colours, finishes and decorative effects all of which can be customised. There are high-gloss, anti-glare, plain, speckled, and flecked finishes which come in any colour in the Pantone, RAL, and BS4800 colour families. Contact Reepol for a consultancy about your specific flooring needs.

For further information call Reepol on 01952 588575 or click here.